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To be able to invest successfully over time, it takes both experience and skillful methodology.


Financial Markets are dynamic and non-linear in it’s DNA, contrary to popular beleif. We are thus not supporters of the widely promoted “buy and hold strategy”. We are active, in our portfolio approach, when it is ensures best results. Markets are often interchangeable, and as trends and facts change we do the same. When facts change, we change our strategy!


We are “Stock Pickers”,i.e. our analysis capacity is spent on in-depth analysis on the most promising and undervalued companies in order to choose the ideal selection of stocks to our portfolios. It is widely accepted misconception, that Financial Markets are effective – they are not.  For the Financial Markets to be fully effective, a prerequisite would be that all information would not only be accessible but also interpreted in the same way by everybody at the same time. In fact this imperfection of Markets are to the advantage of the alert. Over time Markets will tend toward effecient pricing – to socalled “price discovery” mechanism. The alert and often the most experienced, will be the first to react on the prober information and trend change, the rest that follow behind will try to catch the trend thereafter.


Our aim is to be on the forefront of the Market, in order for our portfolios to reward an outperformance compared to the leading indices and the ever popular passive investment vehicels i.e. ETF’s.


Analysis of macroeconomics and geopolitics can be importent parameters, in order to weigh and decide the influence of Global Capital Flows- and possible changes in Asset Alollcations. Domenick Beskos, Momentum Markets Chief Strategist has +30 years experience in this field.

Longterm investment horizon

The advantages of having a longterm investment horizon are plentiful. When the main focus is on the companies longterm durability as earnings engines and value creation, it increases the likelyhood of staying the course despite adverse market behaviour. In fact, negative or overoptimistic Markets can be taken advantage of by adjusting the portfolio contrary to the manias and sentiment of the Market.


Investors are drowning in information in today’s Markets! Without experience it can be quite cumbersome to decode the vast Market actors – their interests, behaviour and recommandations. It can therefore be an advantage through Momentums Markets’ proven analysis and insight to be illuminated as to the real Market action, and thus keep focus on how to benefit. We act solely as independent advisers, and thus we are exclussively rewarded by our clients according to the terms of the signed agreement.

Momentum Markets do not receive any third party fees.


Momentum Markets has neither political, sector wise nor market based interests, except of what is serving our clients in the best and most transparent manner – both individually and as a group.

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Momentum Markets
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Momentum Markets has been awarded a license by the Danish “Finanstilsynet” to operate as Investment advicers


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Domenick Beskos

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