Investment advisory

We exercise classic portfolio management via 3 client portfolios SwanNordic, RhinoGlobal and DragonGlobal.

In short

We act as investment advisers. Working with us means that you execute the actual trading of the stocks yourself, on the basis of our advice. We get paid of the profits we generate for your portfolio. We are independent advisors, and does not receive remuneration or incentives from third parties. We focus on the return we can generate for your portfolio.

At an initial meeting, we wish to explore and plan how our investment strategy can match your investment experience and risk and return appetite.


You can choose one of the following remuneration models:


Model 1:

A 1% annual advisory fee payable quarterly in advance by 0.25% of the custody account value. In addition, a 15% performance fee is payable on the per annum return, calculated on a quarterly basis.


Model 2:

A 10% performance fee is payable for 0-15% returns, a 20% performance fee is payable for 15-25% returns, and a 30% performance fee is payable for returns of 25% and above.


Model 3:

The Investor shall choose one of the below benchmarks against which to measure the return on the portfolio. The Investor shall pay 40% of the performance by the portfolio exceeding the chosen benchmark.


• OMX C20 CAP indeks
• Eurostoxx 50 index
• Dow Jones 30 index
• S & P 500 index
• MSCI World index

As per signing, the client will be invoiced a 0,5% sign on fee.

All models are subject to a HWM (High Water Mark) protection. This ensures that negative Quarters or full year performance needs to be eliminated before performance fee kicks in again.

How to become a client

Fill in the customer profile form, about your background and investment experience. Book a meeting with us, in order to ensure that Momentum Markets is the right Investment advisory partner for you. Fill in the Agreement on Investment Advice with Momentum Markets.


Download the Customer Profile Form now, and forward it in advance of a meeting with us.


Download Customer Profile Form

In practical terms:

You have control

As client you execute the trading, on the basis of our advice, with your bank or broker.

You will receive all notifications of trading by e-mail,  phone or text.

Every Quarter we make a status of your portfolio and calculate our fee for the period.


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