Investment Company

The investment company Momentum Markets Globale Aktier A/S holds an Agreement on Investment Advice, with Momentum Markets.

In short

The Company maintains a Global Equity exposure by direct investments, primarily in the Mayor Global Stock Exchanges. Our aim is to harvest Global Growth through investments in listed Companies with top line and bottom line growth. We focus on companies that are trading beneath their estimated long-term value and companies with increased or unappreciated earnings stream.


Markets and facts are constantly changing, and we will try to act accordingly. Our mandate is active, thus we will not try to copy the Mayor Indices. Our approach will be theme oriented, and focus on 23 sectors that we have identified as attractive. The Strategy will focus primarily on investing in the “best of breed” companies. The Portfolio will not contain all sectors simultaneously, but will occasionally make rotations according to the strategy. The company will follow the Strategy of Momentum Markets 2 Model Portfolios Rhino and Dragon Global.


The investment company pays performance fee to Momentum Markets, acording to a the following:


No performance fee is payable on the first 3% of the annual return.

A 10% performance fee is payable for 3-15% returns,

a 20% performance fee is payable for 15-25% returns,

a 30% performance fee is payable for returns of more than 25%.

Results and specifications

The results and specifications of the investment company is described in Momentum Markets Globale Aktier A/S.

Become an investor i MMGA A/S

You can buy shares of the company’s own portfolio or subscribe for shares during the quarterly capital increases.


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Added value::

The rate is Net Asset Value

The portfolio of MMGA A/S is managed by Momentum Markets, according to the directives as outlined in the Tender Document and the Articles of Association.


The rate is calculated every Thursday and listed on Momentum Markets website. The rate is the company’s custody value at the closing of the US stock exchange.


The value increase of MMGA shares is the reflection of increase in the rate.

Additional information:


Fact Sheet
Tender Documents
Subscription Documents


Information meetings

Information meetings will be scheduled on a regular basis. The next meetings are scheduled for:


Onsdag d. 15. juni. kl. 17.00.


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