The Swan Portfolio invests exclusively in larger companies that have a European or Global focus in their business model and are listed on the Nordic Stock Exchanges. Predominantly it will typically be mature companies which are leaders in their sector or business segment. We will avoid companies that are priced at high unsustainable multiples due to either inflated expectations or fashion trends among unsophisticated investors.


We follow macro trends, capital flows and International Investors’ positioning closely.


We will try to be at the forefront in identifying unpopular companies with the aim of finding value. And we will respond quickly, by purchasing the shares, once we have recognized the future revenue and earnings growth.


Invest in our portfolios

A preliminary meeting tells us your investor expierience and your risk profile, ensuring a mutually beneficial long-term cooperation. At the same time, you get to know us and our investment methods a little better. On agreement, you will recieve investment advice from us. The actual trading of equities is conducted by you.


Advantages of investing with us in relation to investment funds:


• Our remuneration model ensures that we have common interests – your earnings will determine our earnings

• Full transparency – you always know what stocks / companies you own and why you have invested in them

• A solid strategy ensures that you do not have to worry about your investments when market volatility is high

• Your costs will be reduced and over time you will experience a significant improvement to your return


Our remuneration is paid quarterly. You can choose between 3 remuneration models, as described in individual investment advisory. Using the principle “high watermark” ensures, that you only pay for positive returns. See also Investment advisory, where the models is described in details.


Please contact us for an informal meeting



jan. - aug. 2021



Shares that are traded on the Nordic Stock Exchanges and with minimum market capitalization of 1.5 billion Euros. The Portfolio may be in cash up to 100%.


The Portfolio can be hedged by purchasing Xact Bear 2 EFT for maximum. 10% of the portfolio value, thus effectively hedging 20% of the Portfolio. The maximum exposure of one company is 10% of the Portfolio value at the time of entrance into the Portfolio.


Trading activity will be medium.

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